Simple Stories Photo Frames

Met up with some friends for lunch last month and one of the ladies lamented later that the wefie taken couldn’t fit into the photo frame I gave her last year for her birthday. So I thought I’ll make some new frames for this particular wefie first, and better still, make one for each of the 4 ladies in the group!

This was an easy project, as I used the Layered Frames/Chipboard Frames from Simple Stories, so I didn’t have to embellish much. In fact, the difficult part was finding 4 suitable horizontal 4R frames, as our shot was so wide, some of the pretty frame decorations covered our faces! Thus instead of sticking to only one collection, I used both the Autumn Splendor and Hello Today collection to complete the 4 photo frames.

The frames are further embellished using matching washi tape, chipboards stickers and ephemera pieces from the same collections, using foam adhesives to add dimension.

I backed the photos with cardboard cut from empty cereal boxes, but decided against adding cardboard stands to the back of the frames, as some of the frames cannot balance horizontally due to the decorated elements. Well, I guess this gives my friends the option of either sticking the frames on the walls or even in their photo albums.

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Schedule Book Decorations with Red Packets

As this year’s Chinese New Year falls on 12 February, I decided to have a related theme when decorating my schedule book’s Feb page. I did so using last year’s unused red packets.

One of the shopping malls last year gave out free LINE Friends red packets when you spend above a certain amount at the mall, and these are sooooo cute!!! I decided to simply fussy cut the Brown figure and place the bear against the velvet background.

A quick and simple way to decorate my monthly page and to reduce the growing pile of red packets in my stash!!!

ATCs from Paper Scraps

Last year I started to make ATCs to record the projects I’ve made. These would be created from paper scraps left over from the completed projects, allowing me to use up the scraps instead of keeping them till goodness-knows-when, and provide a suitable display of the papers/materials I used for that particular project. So here’s sharing 3 ATCs I’ve created for my recent mini album projects.

This ATC is created after finishing my Prima Marketing Lavender wedding anniversary lunch tag album. The base of the card is the leftover piece from the Lavender Frost paper I cut for my lunch menu tag. There is a hole in the top right corner as part of the paper pad, so I used a scrap from a Lavender journaling card to patch up that hole. The sentiment is one I tried out on the album but decided not suitable after all, and hence is put to good use here. Washi tape used in the tag album project are used here too.

I had cut off the corners of two 12″ papers to make my Graphic 45 Little Women tag album box. These I now assemble to create the 2.5″ x 3.5″ ATCs, by joining the smaller pieces with waste paper strips, washi tape style. The scored lines on the paper scraps make the cards a trifle flimsy, but add interesting texture to the background.

On one card, I fussy cut an image from the paper scrap resulting from a mistake when creating the Little Women accordion album. Even the really short leftover paper strips find a suitable home here.

For the other ATC, I kept it simple, creating a simple gift box design, to make use of the ribbon bow I fashioned when making the Little Women tag flip but did not utilise after all.

I had disposed of the remaining Little Women papers scraps after completing my two required ATCs, before I realised I should have created more such cards. They would be useful as little gift tags or fashioned into little cards, or even accumulated into another mini tag album. In future, I must remember not to waste the paper corners when making boxes again!

Simple Graphic 45 Little Women Box

I needed to make a box to hold my Graphic 45 Little Women mini tag flip album, and so made a simple cover and base out of two sheets of 12×12 Time to Cherish papers. The three remaining 4×6 panels from the Literacy Lessons paper that I did not utilise in the album-making earlier are used to embellish both the inside and outside of the box.

The outer panel is raised on a small piece of empty cereal box to create a bit of dimension. I did not want the words Little Women to appear on the box cover, so I covered it up with a cluster of flowers. I chose to use an adhesive pearl and an identical bow as on my album cover for a cohesive look.

Some paper scraps and metallic corners complete the simple and quick box. Ribbon trims along the sides of the box not only decorate but also help to reinforce the edges.

There IS such a thing as Too Much Pink!

Yes, too much pink or purple can be overwhelming!!!! This was my conclusion after spending a frantic afternoon completing a box for my Prima Lavender wedding anniversary lunch tag album. When I stepped back to take a good look at the completed box, I realised I had to either accept what I’ve done as a lesson to be learnt, or redo the entire thing!!!

The problem started when I selected a lavender paper from my stash as the base to create the box, as the colour appears to coordinate well with the papers. I wanted a matching look between album and box, so I used the same journaling card as my album cover to decorate my box cover, but placed the flower cluster on the opposite corner, complete with the same ribbons and twine.

As you can see, the resulting box is a tad overwhelmingly pink/purple after the addition of the journaling cards. I had decorated the inner box cover and the box bottom with journaling cards too, using only washi tape to embellish, thus keeping the inner box flat for holding the album. But my worst decision must have been to use pink washi tape to line both the inside and outside of the box!!!

By the time I got out of my woolly crafting frenzy, the damage is done! I tried adding some black washi tape to create some contrast and add some balance, but to no avail. It’s either to redo the entire box and waste all the materials, or to learn to love what I did. I chose the latter. Hopefully in future when I take out the album from its box, I won’t cringe too much!