Little Luggage Tag Flip Album

Working through an old issue of Daphne’s Diary magazine (a 2-year-old issue 5 from 2018!), I came across the set of paper luggage tags provided. I don’t usually use paper luggage labels, and of course, with the current global Covid-19 pandemic, international travel for leisure is out of the question. It’s a waste of the good quality paper labels though, so I thought to turn the labels into a tag album.

First problem to deal with – covering up the printed words at the back of the labels. After several days I finally realised how to get about it: I tore strips of matching coloured paper from the same magazine, and combined with some washi tape (washi tape alone is too translucent to obscure the words completely), created a whole new set of backgrounds on the reverse of the labels.


The front of the labels were so pretty, I didn’t have to do much for most of the tags, simply adding puffy sticker or enamel dots, or choosing suitable sentiments from the magazine.


The tag I love most of all, however, is the one I chose to be the cover: the beautiful butterfly was fussy cut from the magazine cover and adhered with varying thickness of foam tape for a 3D look.


I had a lot of trouble trying to find suitable ribbons/twine to decorate the binder ring. In the end, I decided to leave it simple – the recycled TWG tea bag string bow in front is sweet enough for the bright blue binder ring. Why add more if I can’t improve it??

3D Apple Display

Working through some old issues of Daphne’s Diary magazines during the circuit breaker, I started working on the 3D Apple project found in Issue 5 of 2018. This was a design based on the works of Sabine Struycken’s Royal Blue collection, featured in the same magazine.

This was a quick project: simply cutting out the various pieces and assembling them using glue and foam tape. I backed the apple background on some cardboard so that it’ll be stiffer and stick more easily on my wall.


I added my own wooden Kaisercraft flourishes sentiment – I always prefer a few words on my final display instead of just plain pictures. The feathers and adhesive pearls are also from my own stash.


Nothing like a quick project to get back my crafting mojo!

Drink Recipes Tag Flip

Since the bookshops are closed during the circuit breaker, I couldn’t get my hands on the latest craft magazines. So in a bid to satisfy my cravings, I went through my stack of old issues instead.

Sometimes I wonder why on earth I hoard magazines and supplies instead of using them, but fellow crafters will agree with me that sometimes, it can be difficult to cut into a paper that looks so nice on its own! But the passage of time will likely bring about a change in views, and the old precious items, while still holding a place in the heart, are now not so painful to cut into. Similarly, what may be junk at one point, would turn into a craft material after mere experience.

Thus, from a 2018 issue of Daphne’s Diary magazine, I found some party invitations that I still have no use of, but still too pretty to throw away. I’ve been making alcoholic fruit cocktails at home during the circuit breaker, and these seem to be a suitable form to record the recipes.

Then from another old issue, I found an article featuring fruit lemonades. My few ventures into this arena haven’t been too successful, so I decided to make use of the recipes instead for this little tag flip.


Daphne’s Diary magazine has kept to the same beautiful style for this past 3 years, so I was able to combine the graphics from different issues into the same album and have everything match easily.


The cloth I used on the binder ring is actually from a used teabag: a friend had been sharing her teabag art recently – I have no use for painting, but thought the TWG cloth tea bags could be incorporated into my kind of crafting easily. The tea-stained cloth matches beautifully with vintage/kraft styled crafts and is just the right size for such mini tag albums.

Warming up with Art Journal Page

It’s been almost 2 months since I last blogged. I went through a minor surgery and rested for 3 weeks till the wound healed completely, and by then I’ve gotten into the bad habit of doing nothing but watch videos on Youtube!!! Only last week did I finally manage to break out of my laziness shell and warm up to the world of crafting again.

And of course the easiest thing to do would be to create an art journal page! I reached out for my fav Daphne’s Diary magazine again, and this time chose a bright flowery background to keep things cheery.


I still have the art supplies from another project lying around before my sudden surgery, so I used adhesive pearls, washi tape and lace to add some dimension to the page. There’s a sweet life ahead of me, I mustn’t waste it!!

Carta Bella Dinosaurs ATCs

After using most of the Carta Bella collection kit to make tag flips and a card, I utilised the paper scraps & stickers to make several ATCs. This one is for me to keep, recording the project details on the reverse side:


For the longer stickers, I stretched the scene over several ATCs, pocket-letter style:


With this closure, I can now move on to another different project!