Butterfly Rosette on Gift Tag

Had to help my husband wrap a New Baby present. It was a multi-function cloth pouch for baby girl, squarish in shape but too soft to wrap into a box shape. So I dug out my Flow Book for Paper Lovers and picked the pink floral wrapping paper to make a paper bag to hold it instead.

To decorate the bag, I used the Papercraft Inspirations rosette maker, and this time made the small butterfly from it. Had to remember to draw one half of the rosette piece from the reverse side of the paper, so that the final 2 pieces would be mirror images.


Getting to really love this free tool…….easy to use, and the resulting rosettes are small and fit easily on my small tags & cards. The centre of the butterfly rosette is easily covered with a small heart-shaped sticker.


I picked a matching tag from the Flow Book, but found that with all the similar prints nothing stood out anymore, so I used the reverse of the tag instead. That’s one thing I like about the papers in the Flow Books, both sides of each page can be used, making the papers so versatile.

I edged the tag with pink marker to highlight it, and cut some matching washi tape I dug up from my stash to give a bit of colour to the plain background. A spare sentiment cut out completes the decorative tag.


Now can only hope husband brings the package safely overseas without breaking the paper bag!


Gift Tag Wrapping

Somehow many of my friends & family tend to have their birthdays fall within the same month. So I have 3 birthday meals to indulge in this round, and another present to gift wrap.

I usually try to save the packaging my presents come in. Ribbons and gift boxes can easily be reused or upcycled in other presents or cardmaking.

This time I decided to place the little tubes of hand cream for my friend in the organza drawstring pouch I received a X’mas present in. It was rather too big though, so I tried to fill up the pouch with curling ribbons. Found my son playing with the waste cartridge of his spent correction tape. So I convinced him to find another toy, while I cut up the waste tape into manageable lengths, and used that to fill up the bottom of the pouch!

I had lost control (again!) and bought 2 sets of DIY gift tags last weekend: after discount I thought it was a steal to be able to make 3 tags for $2, with a total of 12 tags in the 2 sets. Everything required was included – sticky foam squares, die cuts, sequins & ribbons – so it was really easy. I also added some curling ribbons from Daiso as the colours matched just right. The resulting tag tied to the organza pouch completes the packaging.


But I was still in the grips of a crafting frenzy, and thus dug through my stash and found some floral papers from UW Scrapbooking. The rose motif matched the tag well, I thought. The 6″x6″ papers were too small, however, so I had to join up 4 pieces to form a large one that I can fold into a paper gift bag.

I hid the joints with more curling ribbon, and decorated the middle of the bag on both sides with some chipboard stickers in my stash (I had a lot of unused stuff!) For handles, I reused the ribbon used to tie up the cushion covers I bought from Muji.

Somehow though I can never get my 2 handles to be of the same length, no matter how much I measure and check beforehand! Anyone knows of any tips to make handles properly????

Gift Wrapping with Heart-shaped Rosette

I’ve gone broke during last month’s holidays, so with the start of a new year, I told myself that I must try harder at buying less & crafting more (I won’t call this my new year resolution, because this is the umpteenth time I’m telling myself that!). Thus to wrap a couple of presents, I dug out my Flow Books for Paper Lovers and ran through them for wrapping papers & tags.

Having successfully wrapped up my husband’s present in one of the wrapping papers included but failed to find a corresponding card or tag, I decided to use the reverse of the remaining wrapping paper to make a rosette as decoration.

I dug out my free gift from Issue 164 of Papercraft Inspirations and followed the steps in the online video. Really pleased with how the little heart-shaped rosette turned out! I covered the little gap on top with a puffy sticker…….


In place of a tag, I cut up a matching envelope from the Flow Book and back it on stiff card, so that it’ll serve as a mini card instead. My handwriting is still atrocious though! Now just have to hope husband likes his present!!


New Year, New Card

Had been busy with end-of-year holiday and start of school, finally had time to sit down properly for some crafting! 2 months ago I had dug out my Kaisercraft Golden Grove 6.5″ paper pad with the intention of using it for one of the Kasiercraft challenges, but failed to do so in the end. So when I decided to send out an encouragement card to a friend, I decided to put the paper pad to the purpose I bought it for.

This time I selected my sentiment first – a positive sentence that’s provided as a border in the paper pad. I paired it up with another scalloped edge die-cut border provided, and selected 2 background papers for the card. The centre pieces are also part of the paper pad, so I simply had to find matching backing papers and embellishments for a quick card!

To speed up my crafting, I decided to follow a sketch in one of the Cardmaking & Papercraft magazines I was re-reading. Couldn’t follow it fully though, as I made some mistakes while inking the papers with markers, so I had to rearrange things a bit.

I had made the card on a 14.5 cm square Ivory card base, so that I can use my existing envelopes. With the paper scraps I decided to decorate the front of the envelope with another topper, made using another die-cut from the paper pad. I forgot to edge the papers with markers, though, so it looks rather flat unfortunately.

Still I’m rather happy with how the whole card turns out, using brown kraft paper for a rustic look. Now I’ll have to get started on my scrapbook to record my holiday travels before I forget all the details again!

A failed attempt

Have been trying to create cards based on certain challenges I read in magazines or websites, but though the ideas came quickly at that time, somehow the final results are totally different from what I envision! Does this ever happen to you????

Last month, I saw that the Craft Stamper magazine blog had an art call for something very valentine:

March 2018

Normally I don’t like such pinkish colour schemes, but I remembered I happen to have a stamp that says exactly “Live, Laugh, Love”, so I thought, why not give it a try???

So I dug through my stash and dug up everything pink & polka dotted: a ready card base, pink paper embossed with a heart-patterned lace design, and lace tape. I also cut 2 different coloured polka dotted vellum into heart shapes, and held together with a pink ribbon-shaped brad! And can you imagine, after putting it all together, I totally forgot to include the stamping!!!!!!

Thus I didn’t submit my work after all. And on second look, my design is so plain and symmetrical, I’m now trying to think of some way to add in a sentiment to make it more appealing! Any ideas????

Origami Christmas Boots

I couldn’t resist the temptation, and bought yet another set of origami papers last month. I LOVE such origami sets where there’re instructions for origami projects suitable for the paper designs included right within the package! It means I don’t have to refer to a separate book for instructions, and as long as the projects are not too complicated, they’ll be easy enough to make by following the standard diagrams without understanding the Japanese instructions.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a big box of such origami sets, and it’s always nice to be able to dig through the box bearing a specific project or paper design in mind, and finding the set with matching papers or instructions together.

Originally I told myself NOT to buy anymore Christmas-themed supplies this year, as I still have the past 2 years’ worth of X’mas supplies (one large bag full) to go through! But in the end I still ended up buying stuff (sounds familiar?), albeit I managed to control my impulses and bought “only” 3 items. These Chiyogami origami papers are so cute! And I convinced myself I didn’t have any instructions for such boots in my collection anyway!

The instructions for the boots are not difficult nor long, I only had trouble expanding & flattening out the base of the the boot. Tried it twice but still not smoothly flat, fortunately the base won’t be visible. Important to make sure the initial step of folding the paper into thirds is accurate though, otherwise at the later stage it’ll be difficult to fit 1 segment into the other.

After completing the pair, I got the inspiration of using the paper boot as a mini vase! To stabilise the base and make sure it doesn’t topple, I added some heavy plastic beads in the boot, where it’ll be out of sight. Then I took some of the dried flowers I created from a bouquet I received last month and also a flower stalk I saved from some packaging, and voila! A little pretty festive piece for my dressing table!

More Christmas Never-ending Cards

I had told myself to make never-ending cards for my close friends this Christmas, and so was glad that, after exhausting the set of 4 cards from the Crafts Beautiful kit, Quick Cards made Easy magazine Issue 171 came complete with 4 festive card papers. Instead of using them to make gift boxes using the freebie template, I decided to cut up those cards to serve as bases for endless cards instead. 4 papers = 2 card bases. And since the papers are patterned on one side, it means I would spend less time decorating the cards!


I was also pleased that the free wintery floral papers provided inside the magazine matched these card bases well. So I simply had to dig up some scraps for decorating & matting, and these are the results!

Unfortunately when making the 1st card, I forgot to check the dimension of the toppers I chose, concentrating only on matching the colours & paper patterns! So again I had a case of part of the greeting peeking out of a different card face *grimace* Hopefully by choosing red papers for the rest of that card face, my friend would think it’s part of the design!

For the next card I made sure I won’t repeat the same mistake again. Fortunately the free papers are thin, and so doesn’t add much bulk to the cards. But the festive card bases were a bit too thick for never-ending cards – the creases and folds were thick & obvious and interfered with the seamless look I was trying to achieve on some of the card faces. I must remember not to use such heavy papers as endless card bases again, must keep it to under 200 gsm!

I kept the designs of the 2 cards simple to maintain the vintage feel, and also to further speed up my cardmaking! I was really behind schedule!!! When I finally finished these cards 2 nights ago, I realised I would never get to finish another 3 never-ending cards before I leave for my holiday, and so had to change my plans and come up with some quick decoupage cards instead!

My only consolation is that I managed to use up all the few X’mas supplies I bought this year (though I still have left over papers from the 2 card kits). I didn’t manage to use up anything from my stash bought last year or the year before, though, so my pile didn’t really diminish as planned, but I guess I should be glad it at least didn’t grow further!