Upcycling Magazine Covers as Tag Album

20191004_183617.jpgI’ve uncovered some old photos during the move that I just can’t bear to throw away, even though I cannot even remember the names of all the people in the group photos nor the activities we were doing.

At the same time, I found some old magazine covers that I’ve saved up 7 years ago. These were Japanese catalog magazines of popular brands introducing the new items of the season, and usually come with a free gift – I was a sucker for such ‘freebies’ and have bought tons of bags in this way over the years. Apparently I had kept the pretty magazine covers and now, looking at a number of these floral papers, I thought they would make a quick tag album to hold my lost & found photos.

As the magazine covers were all of A4 size, I simply trimmed them down to 6″ x 9″, then folded at 3″ to create a pocket. This would give me tags of 6″ squares, just nice to hold my old 3R photos. I inked the edges with light brown permanent marker and added matching reinforcement rings to ensure the papers won’t tear easily at the punched holes.

The scraps are not wasted – either converted into smaller tags and slipped into the pockets for journaling, or used to create simple layouts on the front of the tags, adding a wee bit of variety for the photos I’ll be adding later.

Some of the papers have started to yellow slightly, so I’m not sure how long this upcycled tag album will last. Perhaps by then I’ll be less sentimental and ready to discard the photos I no longer have a clear memory of. Perhaps in future I’ll find those photos more precious, a reminder of younger, more active days long gone. In that case, I’ll dig into my boxes of acid-free scrapbooking papers and create a more lasting album for them then. Until then, this would serve to combine two of my good old memories for now.

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